How to Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling

November 13,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Kaitlyn Mentlick

Your trip is always going oh-so-well right up until you get sick, and it happens to all of us at one point in life. We think we’re fine and dandy until certain symptoms sneak up on…

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"Take a selfie? Sure why not?"

March 31,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Jennie Linhares.

Traveling to China soon? With a country of almost 1.5 Billion people, “Keep in mind, most of the people you’ll meet are domestic tourists from the countryside. Few have ever seen Americans or Europeans before not be surprised if…

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Iceland - The Enchanting Land of “Fire & Ice”!

March 30,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Daniela Plata.

Any plans for the weekend? With direct flights from more than 10 cities across the US, take a quick trip to Iceland and witness a breathtaking experience. Iceland is quickly trendy as one of the most popular destinations in 2018 that…

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Traveling West-East? Why You’ll Feel More Jetlagged.

March 27,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Kaitlyn Mentlick  

When traveling, ever notice you’re more tired, groggy, and feeling out-of-sorts when you fly East rather than when you fly West? The reason for this lies in the hypothalamus region of your brain, which houses your internal clock.

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