From Disaster, to Chi, to Breakthrough...

November 13,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Jennie Linhares.


In order to better understand the mission of Uplift, it’s important to understand the background of both the application itself and its unique, self-induced acupressure techniques designed to cure the devastating effects of jet lag.


Uplift is the byproduct of a harrowing experience that left a medical doctor by the name of Charles Krebs paralyzed following an accident that nearly cost him his life. Following years of scientific and medical research and utilizing an already established interest in martial arts and eastern medicine in general, Dr. Krebs began to see the breakthrough application of this acupressure technique as a key to unlock many solutions in global health and wellness


The key here was to promote the stimulation of what traditional Chinese doctors refer to as the “Chi” or the pattern nerves within the body as a means of physical therapy, mental uncluttering and an overall general step to promoting one’s own health by adjusting their body to any given environment.



In the West, methods that are considered to be traditional aspects of eastern medicine are often met with a great sense of mistrust and overall cynicism. Upon perfecting his acupressure techniques and backing up his practices and theories with analytical medical research, Doctor Krebs sought to change these attitudes advocating the benefits of the uses of Uplift.


Now with a steadily growing following at the moment, the key is to perfect the benefits and uses of Uplift as a means of promoting health and wellness for all travelers. Acupressure has been observed to have neurological, psychological and physiological benefits and Uplift aims to conquer the crippling effects of jetlag in the most natural way, shape and form.

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