Jet Lag vs. Fatigue... a clear explanation.

March 20,2019

By Uplift CFO and Global Traveler - Bill Davlin Jet Lag (a.k.a Desynchronosis) occurs when the body’s normal daily hormone, protein and organ cycles (also call Circadian Rhythm or Meridian Body Clock) become disconnected with our time of day. This usually occurs as the…

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Traveling with 3 Kids & Uplift - A Mother's Chronicle!

March 20,2019

I often travel solo from United States to Europe with my three kids. Anyone who travels with children knows it’s not easy, and when jetlag is added to the mix, it can be downright torturous. Each child gets on his own jetlag- induced…

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Jet Lag - There is an App for that

January 28,2019

One of the longest trips in the world - Newark - LA - Auckland - Perth  Jet lag,  that wonderful temporary sleep disorder we get when traveling.  It's caused by the body being out of sync with it's own clock do to various time zone changes. The more zones you…

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Innovation Resolutions for 2019

December 21,2018

Can I really become more innovative, or at least more comfortable with innovation activities around me?  Is it really possible to reverse habits, and adopt new behaviors, simply because a new year is approaching? In the spirit that it’s never too late, nor too difficult to attempt such changes, I…

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