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Dr. Krebs - Acupressure & Brain Functions.

Dr. Krebs explains how acupressure-based Techniques can Access and Re-integrate Brain Functions.

Free Daylight Savings Body Clock Adjuster

Daylight Saving is approaching very soon on Sunday November 4, 2023. Uplift is the first company to discover a new solution to reset your body clock to adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

Uplift has already helped thousands of travelers dealing with the impact of Jet Lag across the globe.  Now we are offering a similarly quick and precise acupressure solution for Daylight Savings.

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Don’t be held back by Daylight Savings Time.  Live Uplifted and energized!

Free Daylight Savings
Body Clock Adjuster

Elite Travel Performance for Global Travelers

Elite Travel Performance (ETP) provides solutions for global travelers who want and need to be at 100% performance when they arrive anywhere. 

ETP provides solutions, skills, and best practices for Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue to support sleep, speed recovery, and enhance performance and productivity.

We work with teams, professional athletes, corporations, and leaders to educate, engage, and empower travelers’ performance and wellbeing.

To learn more about our services download the fact sheet or contact us at

1. Elite Travel Performance  - Introduction 

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In seeking the scientific explanation for his own miraculous recovery, Dr. Krebs synthesized the vast bounty of knowledge of the function of the human body and brain - from old texts of the East to the very frontiers of Western neuroscience.


This fully referenced textbook describes the field of Kinesiology and explains the techniques upon which it is built. It covers the underlying principles, the methods and scientific support for the efficacy of Energetic Kinesiology.


This book offers a specific, comprehensive prescription to natural nutrition that we all would benefit from, and which would have a significant impact not only on our health and wellness, but also our mental performance.

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"Lost Time is Never Found Again" Ben Franklin

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