Before traveling for the first time with Uplift:

- Allocate about 10 minutes to get to know the app and how it works.

- Watch the instructional video, which takes less than 3 minutes.

- Watch the "Practice for New Users" Video found in the FAQ section under "How to find acupressure points?" (about 1 minute).

- Enter a test or future trip into the app.

- Explore the different screens, but please do not activate 2 points together on your body until you travel.

- You are now ready to travel, Jet Lag free and Uplifted.

Traveling with Uplift:

- Enter your trip itinerary prior to your departure (Save and move back to travel screen)  This minimizes the time needed when you land.

- Update your arrival time to match your activation time, if there is a change.

- Our expert users will use Uplift upon landing, while the plane is still taxiing to the terminal. Less seasoned users will find a chair in the airport. Either way, we recommend using Uplift before leaving the airport, because after that the distractions of life can be overwhelming.

- You are now Jet Lag Free and Uplifted.

If you have an iPhone X and do not hear sound on the videos that show you how to locate the acupressure points please follow these instructions:


If your device has a Ring/Silent switch, move the switch forward—toward the device's display—so that orange isn't showing.

Open Settings > Do Not Disturb and check that Do Not Disturb is off. If you're using an iPad, you can also swipe down from the top-right corner to view Control Center and make sure the mute button and Do Not Disturb button aren't enabled.


Open an app that has music or sound effects, then adjust the volume with your volume buttons or the slider in Control Center.


This short video provides easy tips on finding acupressure points so you know what they feel like and how to find them.

Jet Lag (a.k.a Desynchronosis) occurs when the body’s normal daily hormone, protein and organ cycles (also call Circadian Rhythm or Meridian Body Clock) become disconnected with our time of day. This usually occurs as the result of air travel or working the night shift. The body’s sleep cycle is usually part of this disruption, but there are cases when the sleep cycle becomes disconnected from normal Jet Lag. In these cases, Uplift can neutralize your jet lag, but it cannot fix your sleep cycle disruption.

To get a more detailed explanation click on our blog post created for this topic here:

No worries!


Please update your arrival time to now and activate.


Uplift is best used within 3 hours of arrival but you can use it up to 12 hours after you arrive.  Just make sure to enter your actual departure time and date and the current time and date to get the correct results.  

Please watch our instructional video prior to travelling to learn how to use Uplift. You might be tired when you arrive, so if you are already familiar with the App, you will have a better experience and results.  The video is also in the App = User Screen to Information to Tutorial.




Yes, you need to put medium pressure on both points at the same time.  First put medium pressure on the 2 points on your left side for about 1 minute, then repeat putting mediam pressure on the 2 points on your right side for about 1 minute.  This is critical for resetting your body clock.  Biorhythmic Acupressure was developed specifically for Uplift to resync your body clock. 

Your arrival time in Uplift is the time when you will activate the solution. 

If this is when your flight lands then use that time, if this is in the airport, car, or hotel then use that time.

Uplift is time sensitive so you will get the best solution using the current local time you are activating. 

Yes!  It turns out that when you are warm it is easier to find the acupressure points.   When you are cold the points actually shrink and are harder to find.  So Uplift best used when you are warm.  

Yes, enter your trip details on Itinerary page. 

Then advance by pressing Save & Start Exercise

Your trip is saved (do not log out)

You may advance and preview pressure points and also go back to travel or home page

Remember, always update your use time / arrival time to the time you actually use Uplift.

No worries.  Even though we have over 100,000 cities in the database it is possible that your city or airport may not be listed or be available.  


If this happens just pick and substitute another city or airport in the same time zone and Uplift will provide the correct solution. 


Example:  All of cities in France and Italy are in the same time zone, so any city in these countries would provide the correct solution for your itinerary.   All cities on the East Coast and West Coast of the USA are also in the same time zone and would also provide a correct solution. 

Yes, you need to be connected by either cellular or WIFI to the internet. If you do not have service in the airport, you can wait until you get to your hotel.

I have only one pressure point displaying on my solution?  There should be two (2). 


A. Check your city and time entries to make sure they are correct.  You can reset and re-enter info.


B. On the cities make sure you choose one from the drop down menu and not manually entered.


C.  You can also enter a nearby city in the same time zone in case yours is not displaying or entered properly.


Use Uplift when you arrive at your destination in a new time zone. First choice use on plane while taxiing to the gate.  Second = waiting for your luggage.  Third = In car or transport from airport. Fourth = In hotel for wifi and comfort

You use Uplift once on arrival in your new time zone and it takes about 5+ minutes.


With a few minutes of advance preparation you will get the best results.  Please watch our instructional video before you travel, and also our short video on how to find acupressure points.  A little bit of your time in advance to get to know Uplift makes a huge difference when you travel.   

Use Uplift in a comfortable spot where you are sitting down and not too noisy.  For first time users we recommend using Uplift:


A.)  In your hotel room, where you have WIFI.  Remember to adjust your arrival time to the time you are going to use Uplift (not when your flight arrived) to get the best results.

Uplift is a time sensitive solution, there are more than 120 possible solutions depending on your location and travel times.  The solution will change at least once during each hour.  Use your actual departure time and your current arrival / use time for the best results.

Use Uplift more than once for multi-stage trips where you have multi hour time changes before and after your layover.


If you have a 3+ hour layover with a time change on both legs of your trip then you have the option (not necessary but helpful) to use Uplift for both segments of your trip.  Use Uplift for your first segment (layover) and then again for the second segment of your trip.  You will need to enter both segments as separate trips and activate twice. 


Example: New York to Los Angeles to Sydney (with 4 hour layover).  You would use Uplift twice - once for NY to LA based on your flight/arrival information (when you arrive in LA) and then again for a

Unfortunately, China blocks many internet services and websites that host videos, and we cannot always guarantee access.  Please use a proxy or VPN service if you have an access problem with Uplift. 

Desynchronosis or jet lag is a physiological condition resulting from rapid long distance jet travel and changing time zones.  Jet lag impacts your sleep, digestion, body temperature, stress and hormone systems. Symptoms include: Insomnia, fatigue, headaches, irritability, constipation, and/or diarrhea.  Until Uplift, there has not been an effective solution. 

According to NASA research, it takes 12-24 hour for your body to adjust for each hour of time zone change.  A 6 hour time change would take from 3-6 days for all your body's physiological systems to adjust to your new time zone. 


With Uplift,  you neutralize your jet lag and reduce your transition time, so you have more quality time when you travel.

You have over 670 acupressure points on your body, but Uplift only needs 24 special command points to manage your body clock.  Uplift allows for hundreds of possible solutions for your travel. 

Uplift saves time and helps give you a seem-less transition to your new time zone. Jet lag steals time and you can lose precious hours or days on a long trip. Uplift provides you with a solution custom fitted for your travel plans all while enhancing your performance and travel experience.

We have provided pictograms to demonstrate each of the 120+ positions.


Left Side Activation (Arm / Leg Combinations) -  Use your right hand to find and hold the acupressure point on your left wrist.  Right hand to left wrist.  Then use your left hand to find and hold the acupressure point on your left leg.  Left hand to left leg. 


Left Side Activation (Leg / Leg Combinations)  -  Use both right and left hands to find and hold the 2 acupressure points on your lower leg / foot.


Left Side Activation (Arm / Arm) - Use your right hand finger and thumb to find and hold the 2 acupressure points on your wrist, you may need to move your hand around your wrist to find the most comfortable position.


Right Side Activation (Arm / Leg Combinations) - Use your left hand to find and hold the acupressure point on your left wr

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