How Uplift works and how to save your trip.  Video = 3:27.

How to find the pressure points and activate them with Precision Nerve Stimulation.  Video = 2:10

Pro tips on how to best use Uplift.  Video = 2:45

  • The Uplift app uses videos to guide you through a process of Precision Nerve Stimulation to reset your body clock to your new time zone in few easy steps that take about 5 minutes.  Your body has clock systems in your brain, organs, and even cells. Uplift’s Precision Nerve Stimulation shifts the nerve impulses, energy, and blood circulation in one of your clock systems from the old time zone to the new times zone. This allows your body to adjust its rhythms to its new time zone immediately. 

Use Uplift when you land in a new time zone.

  • Save your trip before you fly. You will get reminders, it is easy to forget because travel is hectic. 
  • When you land pause for 5 minutes to complete the treatment.  Find a quiet spot to reset if possible before you go outside, if not possible when you arrive at your hotel or home. 
  • For a new user find a comfortable seat where you can relax for a few minutes, an empty gate or when you will have to wait for your luggage or transportation.  
  • Experienced users can do the exercises on the plane when on initial descent if they have wifi or taxing to the gate.
  • Some users wait until they get to the hotel or home, that is fine, just reset the arrival time to the current local time.
  • You will get a reminder on landing to use the app.
  • One less thing to do on arrival.
  • Arrival is hectic, you are rushing to clear immigration and customs, get your luggage and get going.  So make a plan when you land to reset, it is only a few minutes and you will benefit for days. 
  • No the solution is personalized for your travel and times, there are over 100 possible solutions.
  • Update your arrival time when needed to the time you are actually using and follow the videos and pictograms.





  • For the treatment to be effective follow the instructions to find 2 points on your left side and put medium pressure on them for at least one minute.
  • Then repeat finding the same 2 points on the Right side and putting pressure on them for at least one minute.
  • Follow the videos and pictograms to find them, there are written instructions as well.  
  • This short video provides tips on finding the points so you know what they feel like.

  • Users who know to use the app and what to expect have a better experience and are over 90%+ successful.
  • Spending a few minutes before you travel to familiarize yourself with Uplift pays huge dividends when you do not have Jet Lag.
  • When you are waiting for your outgoing flight to board you can review your saved trip, how to use the app, and based on your schedule when you arrive make a plan on when to use Uplift. 
  • Uplift has over 100,000 cities and airports.  You can use airport codes from your boarding pass:  BOS = Boston, LAX = Los Angeles, CDG = Paris, etc.
  • Give the app a moment to fill the city or airport by itself.
  • If for some reason your city or airport is not coming up try an airport or city nearby in same time zone.  You will get the same result that way.

Example:  All of cities in France and Italy are in the same time zone, so any city in these countries would provide the correct solution for your itinerary.   All cities on the East Coast and West Coast of the USA are also in the same time zone.  

Yes, you need to be connected by either cellular or WIFI to the internet. If you do not have service in the airport, you can wait until you get to your hotel to use Wifi.  Just remember to update your arrival time. 

  • Best to use Uplift as close to arrival as possible, you can input the current local time and update the solution for now if it is within 6 hours of arrival and sometimes up to 12 hours if your crossed more than 6 time zones. 
  • Travel is hectic you can always set a calendar reminder to help, after a few trips it will become habit. 

Yes!  It turns out that when you are warm it is easier to find the acupressure points.   When you are cold the points actually shrink and are harder to find.  So Uplift best used when you are warm.  

  • When you cross multiple time zones on very long haul trips with layovers longer than 3 hours you may need to use Uplift twice instead of once.  This is especially true if you will be exposed to sunlight or hours of overhead light on your layover. 
  • Example:  Flying Boston to Los Angeles (-3 hour time change) then a 5 hour layover before my flight to Sydney Australia (+17 hour time change) in this case you would use Uplift for both flights.  Use once after each flight. 

Sometimes for work or other reasons we travel for just a day or two long distances and the question we get asked is should I even bother resetting on a short turn around trip? 

Our approach on this is that if you are going to go to bed and wake up at or near your normal times in your new time zone you should use Uplift to reset.  Example: I am flying from Boston to California for a meeting time difference is -3 hours but I plan on going to bed at 10pm my normal time in California (1am at home) and waking up 7:00am in California (10:00am at home) then I should use Uplift. 

If you are planning to keep on your schedule for your original time zone, including bedtime and wakeup then in this case you would choose not to reset with Uplift.  

The beauty of Uplift is that it allows you to switch times easily without delay so it can really help on short trips when you want to be on the schedule of your new place.

  • Sometimes China and other countries limit internet access and services which may interfere with Uplift.  If you have a VPN service it may provide an access solution.
  • Check your sound settings and volume control.
  • Check your headset or earpod settings.
  • If your phone has a ring / silent switch change the setting.
  • Make sure do not disturb is off.

Jet Lag is a physiological condition resulting from rapid long distance jet travel and changing multiple time zones. Jet Lag impacts or disrupts your sleep, digestion, body, temperature, stress, and hormone systems.  Symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, headaches, irritability, constipation, and or diarrhea.  It can take from 12-24 hours to recover for each time zone crossed, leading to days of lost time and wellbeing.  Uplift resets your body clock system to eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of recovery time you need when you travel.


You can access and manage your free trial or subscription from your phone.  We cannot access from here or from the app.  (You will still have access to the free trial if you travel during this period)

  • Go to settings
  • Under you Name / Apple Id = Open
  • Under Subscriptions – You can manage your subscription for Uplift

If you need more info:  Please find this link from Apple

When you travel across multiple time zones please make consider Uplift as a valued solution to improve your travel health, recovery, sleep, and performance.

You can access and manage your free trial or subscription from your phone.  We cannot access from here or from the app.  (You will still have access to the free trial if you travel during this period)

Manage your subscriptions on Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play app .
  2. At the top right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Tap Payments & subscriptions. Subscriptions.

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