Details on using the App


You will use the Uplift system when you arrive at your destination as that is when you will be jet lagged.  Uplift is time sensitive so make sure to enter the correct and current times at your time of activation.


  • Departure Time starts when your flight takes off.
  • Destination Time = LOCAL TIME at your destination when you arrive..
  • If your flight is delayed please make sure to update your Departure, Destination Time & Total Travel (Elapsed) Time.
  • If you don’t think you are Jet Lagged still use Uplift just in case symptoms appear later.
  • Please refer to our FAQ video- How to find biorhythmic acupressure points. After practicing a few times you can find them much more easily.
  • Biorhythmic Acupressure points are often noticeable depressions or dents on your body that you can feel with light to moderate pressure from your fingers.  See our FAQ video to learn more
  • Amount of pressure is about same as pressing a doorbell or checking your pulse. Medium pressure is more than adequate.
  • Use 2 fingers whenever possible as shown in the videos, to insure you are actually covering the point.
  • Best to find the pressure points by touching your skin directly.
  • Press the 2 points Simultaneously for 60 seconds on the left side of your body.
  • Then Press the 2 points Simultaneously on the right side of your body. The timer in the App will count for you
  • If you have a long layover or stopover on your journey for 3 hours or longer, use the Uplift App to adjust your body clock then start the process again when your next leg of your journey begins. If you forget, just add this stop over time to the total time travelled. It is recommended but not necessary to use Uplift during long layovers on extended flight especially if you continue to change time zones on the upcoming flight.
  • A layover in the same times zone does not affect jet lag.  Example if you are flying from New York to Paris France and are waiting for a flight to another city in France (Caan, Marseille, or Lyon) they are all in the same time zone as Paris, so go ahead and use Uplift in Paris if you have time.
  • We have used videos and placed help icons along the way to show you how to find your biorhythmic acupressure points and answer questions along the way.
  • Ages 2 and up can use Uplift.