When you travel, what would you do to ensure a good night's sleep?

Desynchronosis, or "Jet Lag" as it's commonly known, impacts not only your sleep, but also digestion, body temperature, stress and physiological systems. Research has shown it can take up to 24 hours for your body to adjust for each time zone crossed, which can ruin vacations or effect important business meetings.


Uplift provides a natural, safe and effective solution based on a 30+ year personal journey by our founder - Dr. Charles Krebs. Discovered in Australia and refined in Cambridge Massachusetts, the Uplift algorithm and system of biorhythmic acupressure naturally resynchronizes your body clock to your new time zone.

Neutralize Jet Lag in 3 easy steps.

Uplift takes less than 5 minutes, once when you arrive at your destination, and once when you return home.


The Uplift App guides you through a simple, customized solution based on your departure time and location, your destination, and time of arrival. Just follow the videos and instructions and in 5 minutes you will be Uplifted and ready to go!

Download the Uplift App before takeoff!

Available on both Apple IOS & Android.

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We believe in enhancing your experience when you travel.

Our vision is to create more joy and function in the global travel experience. We have invested years of research and development to bring you what we believe is a truly natural solution to neutralize Desynchronosis.

The Uplift Story


Are your friends, family, and coworkers traveling without jet lag yet? Please share the Uplift solution with them today so they can enjoy their journey and hit the ground running! Thanks, Charles & Ted