Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science

Uplift is a Mobile App that guides you to Biohack and reset your secondary body clock to your new time zone.

Uplift is a Natural Solution that teaches you how to use a modifed form of Acupressure to do this yourself when you travel.  

In 3 steps we guide you how to Uplift yourself. 

1) Enter your itinerary into the app and Uplift will calculate your solution (the solution is different for each itinerary)

2) Follow the videos and pictograms to find the 2 acupressure points.

3) Apply medium pressure to the two points for a minute on both sides of your body. 

Treatment redirects energy and bloodflow to set your new Biorhythmic Time. 

Hit the ground running!

Experience the Uplift Difference


  1. Sleep Better

You are not falling asleep during the day and lying awake exhausted at night.  Sleep is when you heal and repair yourself and your #1 performance enhancer. 

You are reset and can resume a normal sleep cycle with respect to your time zone.


  1. Feel Better

The stress on your body created by adjusting from one time to another is what creates the pain and discomfort of Jet Lag.

The chances of irritability, headaches, diarrhea, constipation, concentration issues, and other problems are greatly reduced being on local time. 


  1. Recover Better & Faster

Higher performance and productivity for work, play, or sport. Faster recovery time means you are less run down, and your immune system is better capable of defending itself from all the germs it encounters on airplanes.

Reduce downtime for you on the road and when you return at home with your family.

Dr. Charles T. Krebs Scientist, Author and Visionary

A heroic journey and 30+ years of scientific research by Dr. Charles Krebs led to the discovery of the Uplift Biohack using Modified Acupressure.  Uplift resets your biorhythms and body clock to your new time which neutralizes the effects of Jet Lag medically known as Desynchronosis. The Uplift Acupressure treatment resets your secondary Biorhythm or Meridian body clock.  

Uplift was discovered by Dr. Krebs in Australia in 1998 and has been tested by thousands of global travelers. 

- Global expert and author and co-author of 4 books in English and in German and over 50 published papers on kinesiology, acupressure and neuroscience.

- Created L.E.A.P. the Life Enhancement Acupressure Protocol used by thousands of practitioners in 9 countries to treat Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD and more.

- Inductee into the Energetic Kinesiology Hall of Fame.

- Ph.D. in Biology & Physiology from Boston University.

 (To learn more: Please visit our Science Tab)

Download the App Now. Limited time 6-Month Free Trial

Stop losing days to Jet Lag. 

1) Sleep Better.

2) Feel Better.

3) Recover Better & Faster


Change Your Travel Experience for the Better Now!


"Lost Time is Never Found Again" Ben Franklin

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