In Europe Summer Time or Daylight Savings this Sunday March 31, 2024 - Here’s your free body clock reset.

May 27,2024

daylight savings time

Daylight Savings impacts millions of people each year, hurting your health and wellness in a significant way.

Now Uplift has adapted its successful Jet Lag solution to adjust your body clock one hour for Daylight Savings Time. Uplift uses precision nerve stimulation to redirect blood flow and nerve…

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Team Novo Nordisk partner with Uplift Jet Lag App

May 27,2024

Professional Cyclist using Uplift Jet Lag App

Team Novo Nordisk and Uplift Venture announces the continuation of their partnership which sees Team Novo Nordisk' athletes and support staff using the  Uplift – Travel without Jet Lag mobile app for Elite Travel Performance™.  

“We compete all over the world and our schedule usually does not allow time…

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Use A Recent Life Change To Foster Better Habits With This Guide

May 27,2024

Two friends sitting and laughing together

At the heart of every major life transition lies a seed of unparalleled opportunity. While this time may seem overwhelming at first, these moments, rich with potential, beckon you to reevaluate, reshape, and renew your habits for a healthier, more fulfilling existence. Approach them not…

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Simple Strategies for Self-Care That Will Help You Look and Feel Better

May 27,2024

A woman resting in bed

In the intricate tapestry of life, the threads of wellness and self-care are woven with intention and purpose. As the world spins ever faster, carving out moments for personal well-being becomes not just a practice but a necessity. This guide, presented by Uplift, is a compass…

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