30 Days of Global Flight

January 23,2017

30 Days of Global Flight

In the 30 days of June 2016 we tracked a record 4,813,051 flights. We also set a new single-day record with 175,107 flights tracked on Friday, 24 June. On average, we tracked 160,435 flights per day.


We put together a time lapse of global flight for June, showing all 30 days and millions of flights. See if you can pick out some of the patterns that develop.

A Time Lapse of Global Flight

By the Numbers

Twice in June we set single-day records for the number of flights tracked. On 10 June we set a record of 172,102 flights and on 24 June we broke that record while tracking 175,107 flights. Both days were Fridays, which is consistently the busiest day of the week. As you can see in the chart below, traffic peaks on Friday each week, then falls over the weekend before climbing again as the week goes on.

The third week in June was the busiest of the month. We tracked 1,147,555 flights, for an average of 163,936 flights tracked each day. In the week prior we tracked slightly fewer flights, averaging 161,222 per day.

We’re looking forward to tracking even more flights in July, including those from our recent satellite-based ADS-B test. Follow every flight at Flightradar24.com.

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Travel ease in 21st Century

January 23,2017

Traveling on an airline has certainly changed over the years. There are many factors that contribute to a good flight. Flying can be fun for some and stressful for others. So whether you are young or old your attire and attitude and can affect that long flight.

So much has been in the news recently with behavior from unruly passengers and frankly all passengers suffer as a result. Even what people wear on an airplane has caused passengers to get booted off the plane. Gone are the days where people dress for a flight. On the flip side wearing pj bottoms, slippers and beach attire is probably going to cause some attention. Yes, you want to be comfortable, but with the airliner being a breeding ground for germs you want to make sure your feet and legs are covered up! Getting from point a to point b is sometimes not as simple as it used to be in years past. So many factors including delays, plane problems, regulations, passenger issues and overcrowded flights have left passengers weary, tired and irritated. How can our attire and attitude help with a long flight? Being positive, comfortable and avoiding some of the no, no’s for airline travel can certainly affect a long flight. Those bad habits on a plane that we have all seen shared on social media include being rude, having too much to drink, not wearing shoes or socks and grooming right at your seat in front of other passengers!  Here are some points to remember:

  • Yes, wear comfortable clothing and shoes but due to germs and bacteria stay covered. So many times you see people barefoot on the plane! What if they have a cut on their foot and bacteria from the seat and isle can seep in. Yuck! Plus, no one wants to be that next barefoot photo on social media (or that passenger clipping their toenails) If you must take off your shoes bring an extra pair of slipper socks and change back into your comfortable shoes before you exit the plane. Slip on sneakers are the best to wear while traveling as they are easy on and off. Save your grooming and make-up application for the bathroom or when you arrive at your destination.
  • Dress appropriately – yes you are heading to the beach on your destination but wait to wear your swimsuit and cover up until you arrive to your destination. Again seats are a breeding ground for bacteria so wear comfortable pants to keep you covered and bring a sweater or a shawl to keep you warm -it’s yours and you know no one else has used it. As they say in business and life appearance is everything.

You booked the flight, you know how long it is so prepare – you can try to factor in the variables like delays and unruly passengers but when it comes down to airline travel the crew as well as passengers just want to arrive to their destination safely and without any problems so keep a positive attitude, bring lots of reading materials or games to keep you occupied and yes maybe even smile at the flight attendant and passenger next to you! Being polite goes a long way.

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Top Travel Destinations 2017

January 23,2017

Top Travel Destinations 2017

By Ethan Desseta

Did you travel as much as you would have liked to in 2016? If not it’s okay, there are millions of people, me included who feel the same way. Traveling more is consistently a most popular new year’s resolution along with eating better and going to the gym more. For those looking to achieve this resolution I have compiled a list of the 10 top travel destinations for 2017. This list was based on travel trends in 2016 along with future predictions of elite travelers. Hope you enjoy!


1. Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India  

Thousands of kilometers away from the mainland, India’s Andaman and Nicobar Islands are perhaps the most remote spots on the planet. Out of the 600ish islands in the group of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, only 9 are open for international travelers after they obtain a permit. Out of those nine, Havelock and Neil are the most visited ones.

Beautiful Andaman.jpg







2. Dahab, Egypt

Boasting some of the best scuba diving in the world, this Egyptian paradise should be well and truly on your 2017 bucket list. Not a diver? No worries. Get your hiking shoes on and walk around coloured canyon before stopping for a traditional Bedouin lunch and tea. Experience Egypt at its finest in Dahab – but don’t tell too many people, there aren’t many places left in the world quite as special as this.




3. Indonesian Borneo, Indonesia

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure this year then look no further than Kalimantan, the Indonesian side of Borneo.

Spend anywhere from a day to a week exploring the jungle by boat with your own private guide and crew.


4. Paracas, Peru

About 2-hour bus ride South of Lima, there is a small town that the backpackers are often skipping and not paying attention to. Paracas is a peaceful and quiet town where the sea and the desert meet. It is home to the famous Paracas Natural Reserve and also the Islas Ballestas which is often referred to as the super mini Galapagos in Peru. Beach living is amazing and a lot of kitesurfers traveling South America for the sport flock Paracas as the wind speed and direction are just right for riding.reserva_paracas-1400x540.jpg



5. Taipei, Taiwan

While there are plenty of incredible places in Taiwan to explore, you can’t leave the island without a few days in Taipei. A bustling city, full of some of the most incredible night markets I’ve ever seen, Taipei has everything: incredible food, affordable $1 sulfur hot springs, beaches, mountains, pristine temples, and friendly people … you really can’t go wrong.


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Top Travel Destinations - Part 2

January 23,2017

Top Travel Destinations 2017 – Part II

By Ethan Desseta

Did you travel as much as you would have liked to in 2016? If not it’s okay, there are millions of people, me included who feel the same way. Traveling more is consistently a most popular new year’s resolution along with eating better and going to the gym more. For those looking to achieve this resolution I have compiled a list of the 10 top travel destinations for 2017. This list was based on travel trends in 2016 along with future predictions of elite travelers. Hope you enjoy!

6. Highlands, Paupa New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an exotic gem of the Pacific, remaining mostly untouched by travelers, rich in cultural, eco and bio diversity. The country is home to over 700 tribes (each with their own language and culture) and an estimated 200,000 species of plants and animals, most still unknown.




7. Trinidad, Cuba

Cuba should be on everyone’s bucket list for 2017! Head to Trinidad Cuba for not only the gorgeous cobblestone streets lined with colorful homes and old cars driving the streets but some amazing outdoor activities. Fifteen minutes way from Trinidad is Playa Ancon a gorgeous beach on the Caribbean Sea and just outside of town is Topes de Collantes a massive nature preserve. There is some epic hiking and waterfalls to be found in Topes de Collates and very few tourists hit the hiking paths.



8. Port Barton, The Philippines

The small town of Port Barton on the island of Palawan in the Philippines is a must visit for 2017. There are at least two big reasons for this. One, because it’s stunningly beautiful and two because it’s still relatively undiscovered…for now. It’s not easy to get to this little piece of paradise as the road there is unpaved and pretty rough, but it is more than worth the effort.




9.Tbilisi, Georgia

Georgia is an up and coming destination that needs to be on your radar for 2017. Amazing countryside, vast and fascinating history (did you know that Georgia is considered the birthplace of wine?) and the food is unique and out of this world. Katchapuri (cheese bread), Khinkali (soup dumplings) and if you love BBQ then you’ll be in heaven.


10. Siem Reap, Cambodia

If there is a place I recommend to visit in 2017, that is Siem Reap in Cambodia. Not only Siem Reap is a cool city to hang out, with a friendly atmosphere, happy vibe and super-budget friendly. It is also the main port of access to the spectacular archeological site of Angkor Wat, which well deserves to be explored.





While some of these locations may seem unexpected or unfamiliar, they are all sure to provide you with a unique and unforgettable vacation. Now head to your favorite airline and book that flight!


P.S. Don’t forget to download the app Uplift so you can overcome jet lag and spend more time enjoying your vacation!

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Dr. Charles Krebs in Moscow

January 23,2017

Dr Charles Krebs teaching Energetic Structure of Man and the Universe in Moscow Russia, April 17-19th.

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International Kinesiology Conference Bergamo Italy

January 23,2017

Dr. Charles Krebs is featured speaker at the IASK Conference in Bergamo Italy April 28th-May 1st 2017.  This is the 30th anniversary of this global conference. 


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Dr. Charles Krebs at The Touch for Health Conference - Kansas City July 11-14th

January 23,2017

Dr. Charles Krebs speaking at the Touch for Health Conference in Kansas City on July 11-14th. 

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Dr. Charles Krebs at the Institut fur Angewandte Kineiolgie, Frieburg German August 26

January 23,2017

Dr. Charles Krebs will be teaching in Germany the end of August in Frieburg Germany.

Sat 17.00 – 18.15 h | Dr. Charles Krebs, USA

A New Concept of the Etheric Body and its Role in Chronic Imbalances in Physical Systems

Charles T. Krebs

In the Eastern Traditions, there are a physical body and subtle energy bodies, the Etheric Body being closest in density and most strongly interfaced to the physical. Distortions of the Etheric Body may compromise healing and result if chronic physical imbalances. You will learn how to access and balance these Etheric Body imbalances eliminating many chronic conditions.

Charles T. Krebs, PhD, is a former Associate Professor of Biology, St Mary’s College of Maryland, with fifteen years teaching and research experience; then as a Marine Research Scientist at the Queenscliff, Australia, Marine Science Laboratory, and after recovering from paralysis he was Chief Analytical Chemist and Head of the EPA Water Quality Laboratory for the State of Victoria, Australia; and has published a number of scientific papers & three books, A Revolutionary Way of Thinking. From a Near Fatal Accident to a New Science of Healing; Nutrition for the Brain. Feeding your Brain for Maximal Performance; and the recently published field-defining Textbook – Energy Kinesiology. The Principles and Practice.

Charles has worked with Clinical Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Neurologists and other health professionals, to develop his comprehensive Acupressure-based Kinesiology System – NeuroAcuSync™ with several components: the Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program (LEAP) addresses the correction of most learning problems and enhances mental and physical performance, while other NeuroAcuSync™ procedures address the resolution of trauma (PTSD), hormonal imbalances (PMS/PMT) and immune system imbalances (Allergies and Sensitivities). He also conducts scientific research in various fields, teaches and lecturers on LEAP, Applied Physiology, Kinesiology, Anatomy and Physiology and Neurology internationally.

Charles developed his initial LEAP system in Melbourne, Australia, but now has joined the Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare in Cambridge, Massachusetts to collaborate on cutting edge techniques to provide effective treatments for a variety of chronic conditions. Currently, Charles is conducting research in Visualization, and its Role in Learning at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School.




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Dr. Charles Krebs in Barcelona Spain for Vida Kinesiolgie Sept 9-10

January 23,2017

Dr. Charles Krebs will be teaching and lecturing in Barcelon Spain in September for a couple of different events.

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Dr. Charles Krebs in Budapest Sept 22-27

January 23,2017

Dr. Charles Krebs will be in Budapest for teaching and lecturing at two different events.  Energetic Structure of Man & the Universe in Budapest September 22-25th.  Complete Immune System in Budapest September 26-27th. 

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Uplift at New York Times Travel Show Jan 26-28th

January 23,2017

Uplift Ventures LLC will officially launch its mobile application Uplift at the New York Times Travel Show January 26-28th in New York City.

Cambridge, MA – January 17, 2018 – Uplift Ventures LLC announces the release of Uplift, a mobile application that provides a custom solution to reset your internal body clock to your new time zone. Uplift eliminates jet lag and reduces your transition time to your new times zone with a natural scientific solution. Uplift enhances your most valuable commodity when you travel, your time.

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Uplift at Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show

January 23,2017

We are excited to announce our official launch for the State of California at the Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show on February 24th &25th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  For more information https://travelshows.com/shows/los-angeles/

Cambridge, MA – January 17, 2018 – Uplift Ventures LLC announces the release of Uplift, a mobile application that provides a custom solution to reset your internal body clock to your new time zone. Uplift eliminates jet lag and reduces your transition time to your new times zone with a natural scientific solution. Uplift enhances your most valuable commodity when you travel, your time.

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Uplift U.S. & U.K. Press Release

January 23,2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Annmarie Seldon / AMS Communications /  617-448-7416



Neuroscientist created based on neuroscience and acupressure techniques resets the internal body clock

Cambridge, MA – January 17, 2018 – Uplift Ventures LLC announces the release of Uplift, a mobile application that provides a custom solution to reset your internal body clock to your new time zone. Uplift eliminates jet lag and reduces your transition time to your new times zone with a natural scientific solution. Uplift enhances your most valuable commodity when you travel, your time.

Every day jet lag effects on average 500,000 passengers on 3,500+ long haul flights crossing multiple time zones. Jet lag symptoms include insomnia, disrupted sleep, fatigue, headaches, and digestive problems with no effective solution until today.

Uplift is safe, easy and effective providing relief with a patent pending system to reset your internal body clock in less than 10 minutes using a unique acupressure formula developed by Dr. Charles Krebs. Users input their travel information and the app calculates a specialized solution that is applied by following the app instructions and videos. 

Krebs is the global expert in neuroscience and acupressure who developed this solution. With over 30 years’ experience; his vision with Uplift is “To create more joy and function in the travel experience” 

After a near fatal scuba diving accident in Australia left him paralyzed from the waist down with his in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology and kinesiology he learned to walk again. This initiated a scientific journey of research and teaching that continues to this day.

I had to get off the plane after long intercontinental trips and be able to make complex presentations on neurology.” Says Krebs. Jet lag was impacting my performance, so I used my in-depth knowledge of neurology, physiology, and acupressure to develop this solution to resynchronize the internal body clock. 

“We believe in upgrading your travel experience” notes Ted Finn co-founder and CEO of Uplift Ventures and we have tested Uplift on over 500 global travelers to confirm that it makes a meaningful difference to users.

Uplift is officially launching at the New York Times Travel Show Jan 26-28 in NYC. The Uplift app is available at the Apple Store or Google Play Store. ($9.99 yearly subscription for unlimited global travel) 

Uplift Ventures, LLC believes in enhancing health and wellness in travel.

For more information log onto http://www.upliftnaturally.com.


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Meet the Founders Special Segment - Ted Finn, CEO

January 23,2017

Frequent global traveller Ted Finn knew he was on to something when Dr. Charles Krebs shared his cure for jet-lag with him. After trying out the unique acupressure activation techniques after multiple international flights, Finn knew that so many other global travellers could benefit greatly from this discovery.

As a co-founder of Uplift, Finn is at the core the ideal customer for the app; As an individual who travels internationally at least once a month, thus experiencing the intense side effects of jet-lag quite frequently. Finn, an entrepreneur for 30 years now, began with his first venture in 1987 with his family. Their footwear company was a spinoff of his father’s company, and introduced Finn to “being his own boss.” From there, Finn describes that he “got the bug to work for myself,” and explored additional product innovations. Although Finn has extensive global knowledge and experience, Uplift is his first venture within the travel industry.

Finn first met Dr. Krebs in Cambridge while he was treating Finn’s wife. From there they became friends, and bonded over their similar love for travel. Travelling internationally starting at age 13, Finn could relate to the feelings of jet-lag. Inspired by Dr. Krebs’ discoveries, he decided to try the accupressure point activation on himself. After realizing how useful and effective Dr. Krebs’ system was, he knew there were global travelers out there that could equally benefit from it.

In early stages of product development, Finn realized “based on global travel patterns that users would need to have the solution in hand wherever they would be.” The only scalable solution was to create an app to support Dr. Krebs’ unique algorithms. He also found that users who used Uplift for one international flight and felt the benefits would continue to use it again and again, hence the need for a mobile app that could be used wherever there was internet.

Fast forward to 2018 and Uplift has finally launched commercially. Finn recently got a chance to educate thousands of travellers in person at the New York Times Travel Show in January. He says about the experience, “the trade show was amazing and there was such a great turnout.” The team met travel companies, resorts, and global adventure travelers. The feedback from the trade show was immensely positive, says Finn, and that people were “genuinely relieved there was finally a cure for this global problem.” Because acupressure is not as familiar to Americans as it is to people in other areas of the world, Finn has a responsibility to educate consumers on how it can greatly impact their travel experiences. “We’re offering incredible value here, costing such a small percentage of anyone’s long distance trip, providing them with major benefits,” he says. Only being a few months old, Uplift is growing and adapting constantly. “Every start-up has its own unique set of challenges,” Finn says, “you must be successful with a great product, organization, and a great team.” Among the most challenging hurdles that startups face are how to spread the word and how to grab consumer attention. Finn describes this stage as having “a lot of moving parts that need to align.” He claims that the best part of working on Uplift is the “ability to help millions of people enjoy their travel experiences.” His personal favorite travel experience? “That’s tough...but it would have to be Florence, Italy,” where Finn once lived, “I’ve been traveling back and forth to Italy for 40 years now.”

What’s next for Uplift Ventures? The team will be taking Uplift on tour this year, and interacting with global consumers. Finn says “this year is all about getting people’s attention who travel, and partnering with others in the travel community.”

(Ted bicycling outside of Florence)

By Uplft Contributor - Kaitlyn Mentlick

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Uplift at Cambridge Innovation Center

January 23,2017

Learn from local industry leaders, scientists and experts about innovations in wellness, behavioral change, nutrition, fitness, environmental, societal wellbeing and more. Learn how to start or accelerate your wellness-related startup. There will be keynote speakers, flash talks, a panel discussion and demo tables.

Join us at Venture Café Kendall on June 21st - Free Samples and Drinks!

Register: http://bit.ly/wellinnovencaf


5:30–6:30pm - Keynote Speakers, Wellness Innovations

  • Dr. Charles Krebs "Uplift Naturally"  Dr. Charles Krebs is a visionary research scientist, university lecturer, and clinician who has spent the last 30 years unlocking the secrets of how the brain, body, and our neural communications systems function, and link to the Energetic Systems of the body. 
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Uplift at GBTA Innovation Row

January 23,2017

For Immediate Release:                           


August 6, 2018


“Uplift - the revolutionary Jet Lag solution will be featured at the Innovation Row (Booth # IN-11) at the 2018 Global Business Travel Association Convention in San Diego!”


What if you could travel around the globe and not experience the effects of jet lag? The longest flights in the world keep getting longer whether you are traveling to close a major deal or off with your team to support your international clients. This global problem is growing with the recent launch of longer range equipment such as Boeing’s new Dreamliners & Airbus A350-1000 offering longer haul non-stop flights across the world.


Either way, you can count on jet lag or desynchronosis disrupting your schedule and performance! Now Uplift provides a natural solution to resynchronize your internal body clock to your new time zone and neutralize jet lag.  The Uplift solution discovered in Australia and crafted in Cambridge MA by world renowned neuroscientist Dr. Charles Krebs, has just been launched to the global travel community and we look forward to sharing it with those attending the GBTA Convention. Uplift, which was recently featured in The Boston Globe and The New York Times enhances your performance when you travel, and restores your most valuable commodity - time.


The Co-founder & CEO of Uplift, Ted Finn and his team will be in attendance at booth #IR-11 to engage with global business executives and influencers during the entire convention from August 11 - 15. In alignment with the GBTA’s support and commitment to innovation across this growing industry,  Mr. Finn will also be a featured panelist on Tuesday, August 14th for the Travel Startup Stories Panel Discussion. “I’m truly honored to share the Uplift story on such an influential platform and I’m also excited to talk about the amazing impact our brand is making on the business travel community”, says CEO Ted Finn.  


For further information about the Uplift jet lag discovery and mobile app please visit booth# IR-11 or contact Ted Finn at: tedfinn@upliftventuresllc.com

“Lost time is never found again.” - Benjamin Franklin


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Jet Lag Solution that takes less than 5 minutes

January 23,2017


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Bill Davlin appointed as Uplift CFO

January 23,2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                            Contact: Andy Jacques


(781) 696-3581



Uplift Ventures LLC Appoints William Davlin as Chief Financial Officer


DOVER, MA (October 15, 2018) – Uplift Ventures announced today the appointment of William E. B. Davlin as Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer effective immediately.  Mr. Davlin will be responsible for overseeing all financial aspects of the Company, including financial planning and analysis, accounting and reporting as well as managing the tax, internal audit, treasury and investor relations functions.


Mr. Davlin has over 20 years of experience as a successful Entrepreneur in the roles of CEO, CFO and Director, including building an internet company up and taking it public on the London AIM Exchange.  In addition, Mr. Davlin brings over 10 years as a portfolio manager for the mutual fund industry, where he researched and invested in thousands of different companies with a history of out-performing the benchmark. 


“We are very excited to welcome Bill to the Uplift team.  His skills and experience complement the management team very well.  2019 looks to be an exciting year for the firm and having the team together should significantly increase our ability to succeed” says Uplift CEO Ted Finn.


For more information on Uplift, please visit www.upliftnaturally.com. If you wish to learn more about exciting news about how Uplift is impacting the global travel community please contact Ted Finn at tedfinn@upliftventuresllc.com.



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Uplift one of IAB 250 Direct Brands to Watch!

January 23,2017

Uplift one of IAB 250 Direct Brands to Watch!

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"Lost Time is Never Found Again" Ben Franklin

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