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Welcome to Uplift! Our mobile application guides you to reset your body clock to your new time zone and ends jet lag naturally. Uplift neutralizes jet lag and reduces your transition time when you travel between time zones. We enhance your most valuable resource, time. "Lost time is Never Found Again” Benjamin Franklin


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When you travel what would you do for a good night’s sleep? Jet lag or Desynchronosis impacts your sleep, digestion, body temperature, stress and physiological systems. It can take up to 24 hours to adjust for each time zone crossed. Jet lag can ruin vacations or important business meetings. We have launched Uplift with an introductory special offer for one year of unlimited global travel for a subscription of $9.99 = best travel upgrade on the planet! Based on a 30+ year personal and scientific journey by our founder Dr. Charles Krebs Uplift was discovered and developed. The Uplift algorithm formula and system of biorhythmic acupressure naturally and immediately resynchronize your body clock to your new time zone. There are over a hundred different Uplift solutions and based on your travel itinerary we generate the solution that is right for your trip. Just follow the videos and instructions and in less than10 minutes you will be Uplifted and ready to go. Join our community of global travelers and neutralize jet lag now!

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Our vision is to create more joy and function in the travel experience

Uplift was founded to provide solutions to global health & wellness problems. We believe in enhancing your time and your performance when you travel long distances. For more about our story and our journey = Uplift Story


We have invested years of research and development to bring you Uplift. We have endeavored to build the best possible application to make Uplift easy to use and effective. If Uplift is making a difference in your travel experience please share it with family, friends, and colleagues. Our most sincere thanks for your support. Charles & Ted