Uplift joins CCB Cycling as an official Wellness & Performance partner.

May 29,2024




Dover, MA January 16, 2020 - Uplift Ventures has been selected by CCB as their wellness & performance partner as they officially launch their new 2020 season.  The club which was started on the North Shore of Boston in 1979 as a small elite race program has grown in membership and international notoriety over the past 40 years. Despite - or maybe because of - the mixed nature of the club, over the years the club has gained tremendous standing in the region and has been home to many professional bike racers during its formative years, from Tim Johnson, Gavin Mannion, and Tyler Hamilton.


“We are excited to partner with Uplift this season since we have riders who travel across multiple time zones to compete, ”says Tim Mitchell, Principle of CCB Foundation. To date, the CCB club’s elite team has received invitations to, and raced in world-class races in Belgium, Ireland, France, UK, Ireland, and China as well as all across the USA. In addition, the club's storied pink, blue and white jersey is well known - not just in the Northeast US, but across the country.


“As an avid cyclist myself, I see tremendous value in this new partnership as these amazing athletes no longer have to endure the disruption Jet Lag can have on their sleep, performance, and recovery during their travels to compete in these long grueling races. In this beautiful sport where one second can be the difference between making the podium or not, Uplift can truly optimize the athlete’s performance in the most natural way,” says Uplift CEO & Co-founder Ted Finn.  


About Uplift Ventures

Uplift is the World’s 1st Biohack for Jet Lag developed after 20+ years of Research & Development by world-renowned neuroscientist Dr. Charles Krebs.  The Uplift Jet Lag mobile app guides you to Biohack your body clock and reset it to your new time zone through simple acupressure techniques. A video guided custom solution is generated for your very own travel itinerary, and the protocol takes about 5 minutes when you land in your new time zone. Since launching last year, this revolutionary solution has positively impacted the performance and wellness of countless business travelers within some of the largest Fortune 1,000 Enterprises in the world, in addition to numerous professional athletes. To learn more please visit www.upliftnaturally.com 

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About CCB

"CCB Cycling Education Foundation 501(c)(3) non/profit program. The CCB CEF fields both a men’s U23 and women’s team, competing in its road and gravel. The men’s team races under the name Foundation CCB, with the women racing under the name CCB BikeReg.  The club has fielded an elite/pro level team every year since 1976, making it the longest continually running program of that type in the US. The CCB program has consistently graduated its U23 riders to professional teams in both North America and Europe up to the World Tour level, but notably also requires its riders to also be enrolled in a post-secondary education program whilst riders are on the team. CCB emphasizes the healthy and balanced development of the student-athlete, allowing each rider to pursue their academic and athletic goals at a high level; it is the only cycling program in the US with this type of requirement racing at the elite/pro level."


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