Wellness Influencer Testimonial from Tuscany!

June 26,2018

Testimonial by Talk Show Host, Health Influencer, & Global Traveler: Mark Alyn


After a nine-hour international flight, going through customs in Spain, waiting three more hours to get into our hotel room and not sleeping on the flight, your mind feels like it’s spinning out of control. Jetlag has taken over.  But there is a solution…

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Considering a pit stop in Madrid while heading to Asia?

June 23,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Daniela Platar

Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to Asia with just a short connection can be grueling. If you hate spending long hours in a plane or want to have a more pleasant experience while traveling to Asia, make a quick stop for…

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From Disaster, to Chi, to Breakthrough!

June 15,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Jennie Linhares

In order to better understand the mission of Uplift, it’s important to understand the background of both the application itself and its unique, self-induced acupressure techniques designed to neutralize the devastating effects of jet lag.

Uplift is the byproduct of a…

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June's Best Travel Destinations!

June 04,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Kaitlyn Mentlick

Summer is officially here and most of us are definitely excited about all this season brings. Now with the your vacation hours at work accumulating and kids getting ready to start their break, so like us are you wondering where to vacation this…

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