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Uplift U.S. & U.K. Press Release

April 30,2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Annmarie Seldon

       AMS Communications





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Late Night Health Radio - Touch Jet Lag Away

April 30,2024

Health & Wellness in Travel – Neutralize Jet Lag
Global travelers have to deal with not only time lost but jet lag! Every day jet lag effects on average 500,000 passengers on 3,500+ long haul flights crossing multiple time zones. Up until now there has been no real solution and business as well as leisure travelers have had to deal…

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Uplift mobile app time zone tracker

Uplift Mobile App Starts Measuring Users Annual Jet Lag!

April 30,2024


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Uplift Ventures Successfully Closes New Round of Funding

April 30,2024



Contact: Andy Jacques

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