Iceland - The Enchanting Land of “Fire & Ice”!

March 30,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Daniela Plata.

Any plans for the weekend? With direct flights from more than 10 cities across the US, take a quick trip to Iceland and witness a breathtaking experience. Iceland is quickly trendy as one of the most popular destinations in 2018 that offers various natural filled attractions for you to experience on a short getaway. So pack light, and prepare your camera to have an unforgettable weekend.

The Blue Lagoon, The Golden Circle, The Gullfoss Waterfalls, The Ice Caves, and of course, The Northern Lights are among the many beautiful selfie and “instagram post worthy” landmarks.

If you’re visiting Iceland just for the weekend, it’s recommended for you to rent a car and manage your own time. On the contrary, if you take tours instead, you probably won’t have time to see every single attraction. Most of the must-see spots you’ll want to visit are 50 - 100 miles apart. That’s why it’s important not to waste precious time and plan your weekend accordingly to optimize your trip.

Getting Around...

With an influx of tourists cramming into Iceland from both sides of the pond on weekends you should book your rental car in advance before the rentals companies run out of reservations. Depending on the weather conditions it’s better for you to get a bigger all wheel vehicle, two lane roads could be a bit dangerous in snowing weather. Get additional insurance for the person you are traveling so they can drive as in case of an emergency. What’s often forgotten is including a Wi-Fi provider to check GPS and avoid getting lost. Google Maps has a unique feature that lets you download a small portion of the area to access offline just in case.

Since landmarks are so distant from each other, be prepared to spend a lot of time on the road, but don't worry because you’ll be mesmerized along the way by the beautiful landscape of the island. Now just like everyone else, you’ll be tempted to halt the car, jump out and take pictures in the middle of the road. That’s a NO NO! To avoid any accidents try to slowly pull over in a safe place as there are plenty in the main roads.

Exploring the city...

A great location to book your stay is right in the capital - Reykjavik. It’s an intimate town with cute local artisanal shops and boutiques. Purchase a nice little swimsuit and head over to the most popular attraction - The Blue Lagoon. This is another place you should buy tickets in advance because of its popularity and breathtaking view no matter what time of year it is. Spend a nice hour and a half relaxing, or finding the perfect instagram picture. When you’re done exploring all these gems, you can then enjoy the nightlife of Reykjavik and have a nice walk in the Laugavegur St. to explore some fine restaurants to wine, dine, and comfortably experience the local warmth and flavor of Iceland.

Take it all In...

Coming from the US, the 5 hour or more time difference could bring a lot of distress. Jet lag is a common occurrence that can definitely impact all your eager intentions to indulge in this escapade. If you’re planning to go for a quick visit you should be aware of the energy you need to feel refreshed and hit the ground running. The Uplift Jet Lag App is an amazing solution at the best value to truly upgrade your travel experience. Also, the weather in Iceland is very unpredictable and changes in a matter of minutes. Therefore, you should know in advance that you’ll need clear and dark skies in order to see and capture the Northern lights. But you still won’t be disappointed because of all the other captivating views you’ll see surrounding its perimeter.  

In a nutshell, the landscape is second to none, the locals are extremely engaging and always willing to help when you seem lost, and there are a myriad of things to do and landmarks to visit. Iceland is a popular destination for that solo self awareness trip or that group weekend getaway with your closest comrades. Start planning it early, and have the time of your life exploring the “Land of Fire & Ice”!