Tips to Finding the Best Travel Deals

December 22,2017

Many people are put off to the idea of travelling by the prospect of a pricey plunge which costs more than it’s worth… and it’s a valid concern. Lots of offers on the market end up being quite an expensive affair, so it’s always a good idea to be armed with a few tips and tricks to help you on your way to finding genuinely good travel deals without jeopardising your experience. Most people consider travel to be prohibitively expensive, which is simply no longer the case. It’s very easy to find some brilliant bargains online to inspire and influence your next trip. In this blog, we take a look at some tips for finding the best travel deals on the market and saving you cash for spending on your adventures.

Don’t book holiday packages: Although this isn’t the case 100% of the time, it very typically is. Holiday packages hike up the price of everything, from flights and hotels to food and drinks. If you’re keen to save some cash, it’s much better to book everything yourself and avoid allowing any agent to tie things up for you in a nice package. Although holiday packages were more convenient before the dawn of the internet, it’s now ridiculously easy to organise your own flights, accommodation, and extras, so do it all separately and independently and you’re bound to save some money.

·         Cheap flights: There are a load of flight providers online who allow you to seek out the best deals, with some airline tickets as low as a single dollar if you know how to be clever about it. Websites like Skyscanner and Momondo scan all of the available tickets and offer you the very best deals. These websites allow for massive flexibility, and offer you the chance to depart from anywhere, fly to anywhere, and travel on any dates. Versatile travellers will reap the most rewards from sites like these, but even those with stricter calendars can save a decent amount of money. This type of flexible searching also offers inspiration, and you might end up finding a cheap deal to travel somewhere you’d never before considered.

·         Book in advance – or last minute: Flights and accommodations are often much cheaper if you book in advance, and this method can save you hundreds to spend during your journey instead. If you’re keen to bag a deal you should plan your break well ahead of time. That being said, many airlines, hotel companies and cruise ships offer massive deals for people who are prepared to book last minute. All of these companies are eager to completely fill their beds and seats, so if you hang on until the final moments, you can find some real bargains.

·         Don’t go half board or full board: Many travellers are tempted by the lure of hotels and guesthouses that offer full food and drink, but it comes at a hefty price. Instead, book accommodations that don’t offer meals and find them for yourself. Cheaper, better, tastier, and more interesting food is found by walking the streets and eating where the locals eat. This’ll make your break better and your pockets heavier.

·         Accommodation deals: You can use websites to find some great accommodation deals. Sites like, Trivago, and Agoda offer excellent reductions on all sorts of accommodations, so if you’re willing to hunt around a little bit instead of settling on the first price you see, you can find some really great deals on a place to rest your head. Whether it’s a hotel, apartment, hostel, guesthouse, or lodge, it’s really easy to find something affordable.

·         Be as flexible as you can: If you’re willing to be flexible on where you travel, when you travel and how you travel, you can really save some money. Consider all forms of accommodation: hotels, hostels, room rentals, apartments, guesthouses, and sites like Airbnb. You should also consider all methods of transport: flights, boats, cars, buses, and trains. Flexibility means that the market becomes broader and wider, so if you’re willing to step out of your typical routine, you might as well be willing to travel better and cheaper. Travelling to lesser-known or less popular places also has the advantage of offering a low-cost experience while giving you a more unique break.

·         Off-peak timing: Off-peak travel always offers great discounts. If you’re willing to sun it on the beach outside of the summer months, or able to hit the ski slopes away from the peaks of winter, you’ll be in a position to save a load of money. Lots of families are restricted to travelling at certain times of the year according to work and school schedules, so if you’re able to avoid these times, you can make the most of massive money savings.

·         Look out for sales: Lots of airlines and accommodation websites offer sales days and reduction specials. If you sign up to receive emails from these companies, you can be the first to know when the big discount days are coming, and the first in line to grab a holiday bargain. Websites like Holiday Pirates and Secret Flying email out some crazy discounts on flights, while CruiseSheet is great if you want to find a bargain cruise break. The now-popular deal days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday also play host to some unbelievable money-saving offers.

·         Homes, not hotels: If you want a more authentic experience that comes with the advantage of frugality and thrift, websites like Airbnb and HomeExchange offer the opportunity to stay in homes and apartments rather than hotels and hostels. These sites usually offer much cheaper options and they’re every bit as comfortable.


All in all, the key to saving money is searching and seeking for yourself rather than allowing agents or companies to do it for you. If you’re willing to be a little patient and hone in on the best deals online, then you’re absolutely going to save some money. Travel agents and the like are becoming justifiably unfashionable, so continue the trend, do the searching for yourself and save your money for your next adventure.

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