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September 18,2023

Elite Travel Performance with Team Novo Nordisk Pro Cycling

Elite Travel Performance for Teams & Enterprises

Uplifts Elite Travel Performance Program engages and educates travelers to perform better, recover faster, and arrive home in good form.  We provide solutions and science based tools to manage Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue so you can travel and perform at your best. 

We increase your teams performance, productivity, wellbeing, and dramatically cut recovery times.  Our team has 8 million air miles, we are executives, athletes, and scientists and learned the hard way, so your people don’t have to.

Problem: Long haul travel fatigue and Jet Lag impacts performance, health, and the bottom line. Races and events are determined by seconds or less. 

  • Studies show it takes from 12-24 hours to fully recover for each time zone crossed to reach 100% performance. 
  • Jet Lag impacts all your physiological systems, not just sleep, digestion, and alertness.  

Solutions:  Uplift is a phone app that guides users to reset one of their body clocks, using Precision Nerve Stimulation, personalized for your travel schedule. It resets your body clock system to your new time zone in about 5 minutes when you arrive, so you are in sync with your new time and place.

Uplift is safe, natural, and effective and used on over 15,000 trips crossing nearly 100K time zones.

  • Performance: Official partner of Team Novo Nordisk Pro Cycling, CCB Cycling, Athletes, and Executives.
  • Over 300 time zones crossed – Endorsed by Resilience expert, GBTA Speaker, and author Dr. Edy Greenblatt.
  • User data shows recovery times reduced by 50% or more impacting race results. 

Travel Fatigue: We provide travel tested and science based tools and best practices customized for your travel to optimize recovery.  We focus on tools for travelers to be prepared with their travel kit, manage hydration, prioritize sleep and recovery, and manage the travel experience for performance and health. 

We provide specific travel performance plans for your events and races. 

This program is for teams and companies with active travel populations and pricing is calculated on the total number of seats / travelers engaged in the program.  

At Uplift our purpose is to upgrade your travel performance, recovery, and wellbeing.

Contact: Ted Finn CEO / tedfinn@upliftnaturally.com   t:1.6177336070

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Our guarantee to you, try it before you buy it with our 30 day free trial. Then only $24.99 per year or $3.99 per month for unlimited global travel. 

1) Sleep Better.

2) Recover Faster.

3) Perform Better.

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"Lost Time is Never Found Again" Ben Franklin

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