Travel Performance Tips: How to Upgrade Your Travel Performance, Recovery, and Wellbeing.

November 15,2022

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Travel Performance Tips: How to Upgrade Your Travel Performance, Recovery, and Wellbeing.

Whether you are a road warrior, business traveler, adventure traveler, athlete, or just on holiday your time when you travel is precious and how you travel directly influences your performance, recovery, health, and well-being.

Our team of 5 has learned an immense amount with over 8 million air miles and decades of travel.  We suffered from the effects of Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue and want to share what we have learned to make your travel experience better.

On longer haul trips crossing multiple time zones there are 2 factors which impact you directly.

  1. Jet Lag -  Jet Lag is also known as Desynchronosis which explains how you can be exhausted but lying wide awake in the middle of the night staring at the ceiling.  It effects and disrupts all of your physiological systems and the recharging of your immune system which is one reason why many get sick during or around long haul travel.  It can take from 12-24 hours to adjust for each time zone crossed, according to studies by NASA.


Action Plan – Follow good travel habits outlined below and use Uplift when you land in your new time zone.  -  Uplift users are delighted with the natural acupressure protocol that resynchronizes their Biorhythmic body clock to their new time zone, essentially neutralizing the Desynchronosis. 


  1. Travel Fatigue / Stress - Travel is stressful and there are many stress or pain points encountered before getting on the plane, during travel, and after.  The fatigue around travel is real and impactful but you can take actions to reduce them.  If you travel frequently these can impact your quality of life, not just the quality of your trip.


Dehydration – Being on a plane is like being in the desert, the relative humidity is low and becomes challenging to stay hydrated.  Scientific studies reveal that when you become dehydrated your non-essential cells and body’s services essentially turn off.  Unfortunately coffee and alcohol add to this.

Action Plan – Travel with a large water bottle, most airports have places to fill them at no cost, drink as much as you can in advance of the flight and take a full bottle on board.  If you can drink 8-12 oz of water per hour of flight it will make a huge difference.  Try to have coffee or alcohol before you fly if possible and take steps to moderate or avoid during travel. 

Food – It is often hard to control the quality and healthiness of Food when you travel.  Stress can lead you to make poor choices, knowing that can help you.

Action Plan – Travel with easy to carry healthy snacks so if you miss a meal you are covered. You can also use hydrating foods like fruits and vegetables to help you hydrate from inside and these are very effective and beneficial. Check the menu and choices in advance and decide which choice makes the most sense for you.  We find that on the first day or two of a long trip limiting the quantity of food and choosing comfort and healthy choices makes a difference.  

Noise -  Flights are noisy, depending on the plane and where you are sitting it can be 4-6 times louder than a busy office.  The high level of background noise for hours on end creates stress on our nervous system. 

Action Plan – Always travel with foam earplugs for airplanes and hotels.  If you have noise cancelling earbuds or headphones use them. 

Light – Light exposure is a powerful force on the human body clock and can help us adjust to our present or new locations.  At the same time there are times when light is not welcome. 

Action Plan – Travel with high quality eye shades to use on the plane when you need to nap or sleep of for a hotel room where the room is not blacked out.

Sleep / Active Rest – It is not easy to sleep on an airplane and many of us cannot do that. Example:  On redeye flights to the East Coast or overnights to Europe it is critical to get either sleep or active rest.  

Action Plan -  Set yourself up for success, many of these overnight flights are 4-6 hours which under the best circumstances is a short sleep.  Try to eat dinner at home or in the airport and wind down on the plane asap.  Use those earplugs and eyeshades to take down the outside stimulus and give your body a chance to rest.  Even if you cannot sleep quieting down for a few hours of active rest will help you tremendously the next day.  Prioritizing sleep at home or on the road will guarantee both short term and long term quality of travel and life.

Time Stress– Will I get to the airport on time, how is security, will my flight and or connection be on time? These are just some of the many stressors experienced

Action Plan - Build in enough time so that an unexpected delay does not trigger the alarms and use airline apps, travel agents, and other support systems to manage your travel in advance and reduce stress.  In the event of a delay or cancellation you are not on your own.

Over 8 million air miles we share these skills and tips to make a positive impact on your travel. What tips can you share with us?


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