3 Things That Will Make You Feel Younger Than You Are (Naturally)

October 21,2020

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3 Things That Will Make You Feel Younger Than You Are (Naturally)

By: Dana Brown

Getting older is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean you have to accept the negative effects that are generally associated with aging. In fact, plenty of natural solutions can make you feel younger, keep you healthy, and ensure you enjoy every day of your life. So, here are the best ways to avoid feeling older — without taking drastic measures.

You probably know that you feel better when you eat well, which can help you feel younger and more energetic. But there are also secrets to staying young that are tied to what goes on your plate. Ingredients like antioxidants are reliable additions to any meal plan. The Mayo Clinic confirms that antioxidants may even protect you against disease and other cell damage.

But the addition of foods with anti-inflammatory properties and tons of vitamins — such as avocados, nuts, and spinach — can also improve your outlook.

One way to zero in on healthier meals is by choosing a meal delivery service. You can customize your dining options, including selections like “light” meals, which are low-calorie. And with research suggesting that a lower-calorie diet may add years to your life, those light options may be your best tool for increasing longevity. Plus, when healthier eating is convenient, such as with meal delivery services, you’re more likely to stick with the habit.

Exercise is beneficial for building a healthy body, especially as you age. But one way you can enhance the perks of physical fitness is by doing cardio outdoors. Immersing yourself in nature can help improve your mood, provide relaxation, and allow for more fitness opportunities.

Plus, studies show that your body can recover from illness faster at the mere suggestion of greenery. If going outside more often can help you bounce back after surgery or sickness, we can assume that people who are already healthy can experience benefits, as well.

As Psychology Today notes, studies suggest that 120 minutes per week of nature time is your best bet for better health and well-being. Even activities like fishing can offer mental health perks, especially when you take the time to relax and enjoy. If you’re already an angler, you might want to invest in a trolling motor to fully enjoy your time on the water. With a trolling motor, you can maintain better control over your boat and sneak up on your catch even easier.

It’s no secret that people who feel fulfilled in life tend to live longer. The combination of healthy habits and a zest for life often results in better outcomes. So, a crucial part of preventing aging — and continuing to feel young — is doing what you love.

Whether it’s traveling (which science has proven can make people happier) or an at-home hobby, doing more of what you love is healthy. Of course, caring for your body and mind while adventuring the world is part of the equation, too. For most of us, that means maintaining a healthy routine, no matter where you go. Studies suggest that daily routines help reduce stress, improve sleep, and help you feel happier. Regular sleep and lowered stress are helpful for reducing signs of aging, too — and sleep deprivation can even age you more quickly. So, keeping yourself on an even keel may prove vital for preserving your youth. 

Feeling younger is half the battle when it comes to reducing the effects of time. And while you can’t delay getting older, you can change your mindset and support your body in rejuvenating ways. Taking these steps can help you to live a better, healthier life — even as time passes.

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About the Author:

Dana Brown has 15 years of caregiving experience, and after seeing some patterns of poor health she became determined to help inform people about healthy living She created HealthConditions.info, to provide Internet users with helpful content and resources that will lead them to making healthier decisions.


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