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October 21,2020


Uplift Travel Wellness Kit - by Ted Finn


Until recently the Amenity Kit in business or first class was a special welcome for travelers and would provide some nice amenities for the flight: a toothbrush, moisturizing cream, eyeshades, comb, razor, etc.


The Amenity Kit in the era of COVID has become a survival or wellness kit.  These are the must have items that will fit in a small part of your backpack or carry on case.  Some of these we have been traveling with for years but have taken on more importance today, and some are new. 


  1. A Cap - cover your head.  I always traveled with one as planes can get cold and having a layer on my head will feel even more comforting now. 

  2. Sleep Mask – Always travel with a quality sleep mask, not the cheap nylon one’s.  It will help you sleep longer.  If you can’t sleep, you can relax and benefit from “active rest”.  Here are reviews from the Points Guy:

  3. Ear Plugs – Planes are noisy between 85-100 decibels (db) enough to impact your hearing.  All that noise creates stress.  Always travel w earplugs for planes or noisy hotels.  If you want to upgrade to noise reduction headphones go for it, but always have earplugs in your travel kit.  Here are 8 from Travel & Leisure:

  4. Face Mask – Whichever one is comfortable for you. The first of many airlines are now requiring them for travel. Bring extra for your destination or any schedule changes. 

  5. Thin Touch Screen Gloves – Thin gloves you can wear year-round and you can still operate your cell phone. There are places that are not always convenient to hand wash.

  6. Saline Solution -  Water & Salt only.  Been traveling with this for 30 years, travel tip from my Mom to prevent colds and flus from air travel.  Keeping the sinuses moist keeps germs out, and salt is a natural disinfectant. Essential oils like eucalyptus or cedar oil are also great options.  

  7. Sanitizer - Wet Ones or anti-bacterial wipes to clean your seat controls, tray table and video screen.

  8. Water Bottle – Hydration is your best friend on an airplane, only the Sahara Desert in summer will dehydrate you faster than an airplane. 

  9. Tissues – Always nice to have your own. You will not want to get them from the lavatory on the plane anymore.

  10. Vitamin C Drops / Lozenge - Vitamin C helps support the immune system.  A lozenge or gum can prevent ear barotrauma pressure damage during descent.  

  11.  Jet Lag Solution – When traveling 2 or more time zones Jet Lag will affect all of your physiological systems and your sleep.  This impacts your immune system when you arrive at your destination and when you return home.  Use Uplift to reset your body clock to your new time zone naturally in about 5 minutes and neutralize the effects of jet lag. For info and a free trial: 

  12.  Walking / Running Shoes -  Exercise and fresh air are a critical component for our health and wellness when we are On the Road or at home. 

  13. Helathy Snacks / Comfort Food -  Bring healthy snacks that can cover you for a missed meal or schedule change.  I personally love trail mix in the Qinline pouch which lasts for weeks in my backpack and the pouches are re-usable to you eliminate plastic bags.  

  14.  Medications -  Regular medications bring enough for your trip and up to 14 extra days in case you are quarantined.  Emergency medications make sure they are replenished and fresh in your dop kit. 




With your Travel Survival Kit, you will be organized and ready to travel again.  Being prepared reduces stress, and there was already plenty of stress in the travel experience before Covid-19 showed up. Building your travel resilience is critical to enhancing your travel health and wellness.  


Travel Health = Travel Safety  

Because we all want to enjoy the journey again.


Ted Finn

[As an entrepreneur in the wellness space and the co-founder & CEO of Uplift Ventures, my purpose is to evangelize natural solutions to enhance the wellness of business travelers and shift workers across the globe. The revolutionary jet lag product Uplift launched by me and my co-founder Dr. Charles Krebs is impacting thousands of people. To date, our mission has been featured on publications like Travel + Leisure Magazine, TIME, Wired, Business Insider, and The Boston Globe. If you’d like to know more about how you can support our mission please feel free to contact us.] or visit 

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