Sleep is Your Best Friend Pt.2

October 21,2020

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Sleep Is Your Best Friend:  by Ted Finn

There are many things in life subject to negotiation. Sleep should not be one of them! We often believe and live our lives thinking that 24 hours a day is not enough to complete everything we want to accomplish in a specific day. So, of course the first thing we sacrifice is our sleep.

In reality, sleep is so vital for us to function properly that we need it no matter the circumstances. But the average person does not know how sacrificing your sleep can harm your health. In fact, according to a renowned Neuroscientist Matthew Walker, who is an expert in sleep says that “Sleep, unfortunately, is not an optional lifestyle luxury. Sleep is a biological necessity. It is your life support system.” Just like food is your life support system, just like exercise is, sleep has to be a priority as well.

People are unaware of the long-term damage they are causing to their health by not getting enough sleep. Generally speaking, it’s astonishing that the majority of our problems with productivity, lack of creativity, and motivation in the workplace come simply due to lack of sleep.  Jane E. Brody from the New York Times says it this way. “Some of the most insidious effects of too little sleep involve mental processes like learning, memory, judgment, and problem-solving.”

Imagine the things that can be done with proper sleep time. Imagine the environment in the workplace if everyone decides to take care of themselves, large corporations to the scrappiest startups would experience higher productivity rates. It goes as far as improving their performance and profits.

Don’t let sleep deprive you of achieving your goals, grab sleep by the hand, and make it your best friend. Create a deep relationship with it and give it the proper time. Dedicate the appropriate number of hours so you can function at an optimized level. It all starts with self-awareness and making a conscious decision. Think of it as your daily medicine to success. Sleep will ultimately make you healthy, it’ll make you smarter, and also make you more energetic to conquer your goals.

Here are some practical tips to activating sleep improvements in your life:

  1. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. A steady and uninterrupted pattern goes a long way when it comes to sleep quality.
  2. Limit light exposure, especially Phone & TV Screens in the 60-90 minutes before you go to bed.  This is the period when you signal your body to wind down and prepare for sleep.  Exposure to light sends the opposite message: Wake Up, Wake Up!
  3. Your body naturally cools down when you sleep so make sure to lower the temperature in your bedroom at night.  In colder climates you get to save energy, you’ll save $$$’s, all while sleeping better.

Why a priority?  There is an endless list of things that suck up our attention and time in a 24- hour cycle. Sleep is when your body repairs itself and you heal. Vital functions are performed at night like digestion and brain processing and cleansing. Sleep is when all the new things that you learned or want to remember are codified and filed to your memory. Looking for the easiest way to torture a person – deny them sleep.

There are countless thought leaders in this space who have dedicated their lives to sleep and its impact on your body’s overall wellness. One book in particular that will change your life has become a New York Times Best-Seller for its in-depth analysis and case studies about the subject of sleep.  If you have children and want them to improve in their study habits, excel in sports, and live healthier and longer then read:  Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

Some data is better than none, and sleep is hard to measure. But technology when it comes to this topic can indeed be your best friend. There are lots of sleep tracking devices from Fitbit, Apple Watch, Oura Ring, Whoop Strap, and others. Currently, none are certified medical devices for Sleep problems, but they can provide data points and valuable insight on where you are with your sleep right now. In addition, they can serve as tools to hold your hand through this new journey to improve your sleep. Your daily work performance, your fitness, and most importantly your mental wellness depends on it.

Remember we’re in this together. If we can help you with your sleep journey please reach out to us at: 

Thanks Ted



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