Consider Madrid as a quick Gastronomical stop before heading to Asia!

November 13,2018

By Uplift Contributor & Global Traveler: Daniela Platar


Whether for business or pleasure, traveling to Asia with just a short connection can be grueling. If you hate spending long hours in a plane or want to have a more pleasant experience while traveling to Asia, make a quick stop for a gastronomical visit to Spain’s capital. Enjoy Madrid’s charm and have a taste of its authentic spanish cuisine while soaking in all of its history and culture at the same time. The combination of art, history, culture, food, and the beautiful blue skies, often makes travelers fall for the city in just a matter of seconds.


We often hear about Italian, french, japanese, and chinese food, but what about spanish food? The truth is, authentic spanish food is so underrated that people don’t even consider it in popular conversations. Whether you are in the mood to share tapas or have a big nice plate of paella, Madrid has countless restaurants and spots where you could try its traditional food. It is also known that chefs in Spain take the utmost pride in the preparation and presentation of their meals so it’ll be difficult to go wrong.



Spot a reservation in any of the hot spots in Madrid such as Tate’l or Ten con Ten and don’t be surprised if you run into a Real Madrid soccer superstar on any given night. If you would like to witness a more touristic version of spanish food, try renting an electric motorcycle through the Ecoltra app and go to the Mercado de San Miguel, a local market to try many variations of traditional dishes.  Don't forget to order paella, pulpo a la gallega (octopus), gambas al ajillo, (prawns), egg spanish tortilla, chipirones, and of course churros, which are among the most popular dishes in Spain. No need to worry about food coma, walk in the famous museum of Prado or enjoy the weather in the park of El Retiro to help you digest the delicious food.

In comparison with the US, in Madrid you can enjoy a great meal in the best restaurants of the city without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Not to mention you could taste the best spanish wine bottles at a very good price as well. And why not purchase a couple of bottles to accompany you for your rest of your trip to Asia. You can certainly make your very long distance trips more enjoyable by taking a day or two to stop and wine and dine in one of the european capitals. New York City might be the city that never sleeps, but be prepared for a good nightlife in Madrid. Have a peak experience before heading to Asia in any of the city rooftops by having a nice tinto de verano, or sangria, and some tapas with a beautiful sunset on the background.


If you are still not convinced, just be aware of the fact that Madrid has 17 michelin starred rated restaurants at the moment, so for all the foodies out there, do yours eyes and taste buds a favor and visit this beautiful city.







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