Please watch our instructional video prior to travelling to learn how to use Uplift. You might be tired when you arrive, so if you are already familiar with the App, you will have a better experience and results.




Uplift saves time and helps give you a seem-less transition to your new time zone. Jet lag steals time and you can lose precious hours or days on a long trip. Uplift provides you with a solution custom fitted for your travel plans all while enhancing your performance and travel experience.

Jet Lag or desynchronosis is a physiological condition resulting from rapid long distance jet travel and changing time zones.  Jet lag impacts your sleep, digestion, body temperature, stress and hormone systems. Symptoms include: Insomnia, fatigue, headaches, irritability, constipation, and/or diarrhea.  Until now, there has not been an effective natural solution. 

The best time to activate Uplift is when you arrive at your destination in a new time zone. Depending on your schedule you can use at the airport or hotel.

You use Uplift once on arrival and it takes about 7-10 minutes, with a few minutes of advance preparation by watching our instructional video before you travel. Once you use Uplift it will become more familiar and effective each time you use it.  

Use Uplift in a comfortable spot where you are sitting down and not too noisy.  For first time users we recommend using Uplift:

A.)  In your hotel room, where you have WIFI.  Remember to adjust your arrival time to the time you are going to use Uplift (not when your flight arrived) to get the best results.

B.) You have a long taxi on the runway after landing and you have enough time and space to comfortably activate the pressure points.

Yes, you need to be connected by either cellular or WIFI to the internet. If you do not have service in the airport, you can wait until you get to your hotel.

No worries! just update your arrival time to now and activate. Uplift is best to use within 2 hour of arrival but you can use it up to 18 hours after you arrive.  Just make sure to enter your departure time and date and the current time and date to get the correct results.  

Uplift calculates your personal solution for each trip, there are hundreds of possible solutions depending on your location and travel times. 

Use Uplift more than once for multi-stage trips where you have multi hour time changes before and after your layover.

If you have a 3+ hour layover with a time change on both legs of your trip then you have the option (not necessary but helpful) to use Uplift for both segments of your trip.  Use Uplift for your first segment (layover) and then again for the second segment of your trip.  You will need to enter both segments as separate trips and activate twice.  Example: New York to Los Angeles to Sydney (with 4 hour layover).  You would use Uplift twice - once for NY to LA based on your flight/arrival information (when you arrive in LA) and then again for a second new trip LA to Sydney based on your flight/arrival information (when you arrive in Sydney). 

Unfortunately, China blocks many internet services and websites that host videos, and we cannot always guarantee access.  Please use a proxy or VPN service if you have an access problem with Uplift. 

Yes, you need to put medium pressure on both points at the same time.  First put medium pressure on the 2 points on your left side for about 1 minute, then repeat putting mediam pressure on the 2 points on your right side for about 1 minute.  This is critical for resetting your body clock. 

According to NASA research, it takes 20-24 hour for your body to adjust for each hour of time zone change.  A 6 hour time change would take from 5-6 days for all your body's physiological systems to adjust to your new time zone.  With Uplift, we reduce this transition time, so you have more quality time when you travel.

You have over 670 acupressure points on your body, but Uplift only needs 24 special command points to manage your body clock.  Uplift allows for hundreds of possible solutions for your travel. 

Our videos show you the location of each acupressure point. You will have 2 acupressure points for each solution and exercise. You will put pressure on both of them together at the same time. 

All you need is the Uplift App and your travel itinerary!