About Uplift Ventures:

Uplift Ventures was founded to provide natural solutions for global health and wellness problems.  Our core values encompass this vision and our mission to deploy Dr. Charles Krebs discoveries and continue scientific research and development on them. 


Charles's Journey:


A bit of History, as they say Need is the Mother of Invention, and this is certainly true in the case of the Uplift App.

The Uplift App essentially came to be from a tragic crippling accident that led me to understand the acupressure system and develop a way to re-synchronize brain function and physiology, and then I traveled extensively,  providing the need for a way to overcome Jet Lag.

Following a SCUBA diving accident that left me paralyzed from the waist down when I was 34 years old, I sought a means to walk again. I have a fairly photographic memory and had taught Anatomy & Physiology for 9-years in University and was also a high-level martial artist at the time of my accident. I could visualize the nerve pathways from my brain to the paralyzed muscles of my hips and legs, and could then move what the Chinese call Ch’i with my mind to break boards and bricks with my hands and elbows. I now re-directed the Ch’i flows used to break boards and bricks to the nerve pathways going to the muscles of my legs and hips with my mind, and was successful at re-activating enough muscles to walk again. I then went back to work as the Chief Analytical Chemist and Head of the Water Quality Laboratory for the EPA of the State of Victoria, Australia.

In the process of my healing I tried many different types of Alternative Therapies, some of which helped, others made no discernable difference. Then I tried Kinesiology and Acupressure that re-synched my disrupted neurology and I was able to walk again albeit with a severe limp. Thus, I then studied both Acupressure and Kinesiology, a form of direct muscle biofeedback, as I wanted to know how it had changed my life.  In this process I developed the concept of Brain Integration based upon synchrony of neural flows in the brain, and then a means of accessing these neural flows using Kinesiology, a form of direct muscle biofeedback using manual muscle testing, and acupressure - culminating in the development of my acupressure-based program LEAP (Life Enhancement Acupressure Program) for the correction of Specific Learning problems.

I traveled extensively to present my new acupressure-based system to resolve Learning Problems that I had developed, and which is now taught in 9 countries. As I lived in Australia I would often arrive in another country after 20 to 30+ hours of travel, and then have to teach complex Neurology the next day! This is challenging when you are both physically tired and also your body clock is out-of-synch with the current time at your new location, as your body clock controls your physiology. This not only leaves you feeling groggy, and a bit phased out, both of which make it difficult for you to think coherently and organize your thoughts! Clearly this does allow you to do your best teaching! Therefore, I researched for several years to find some way to overcome what is now called Jet Lag for my own personal needs.

By combining my extensive knowledge of neurology and physiology with my in-depth knowledge of acupressure, I developed an effective procedure to “reset” the body’s “internal clock”.   Based on years of study and research I developed rules and patterns of stimulation that produced consistent results, so that I no longer suffered from jet lag.  Based on a very specific formula and system of acupressure activation I was able to develop the system to “reset” my body clock to the clock time of the place of my arrival and then – No more jet lag!

For several more years I tested and evolved this system, but then others wanted to know how could I travel for 20 hours, then be so “fresh and ready to go” the next day? So, I developed a basic procedure that I field tested with friends and they were delighted with the results. 

Only today with further research, development, and technology were we able to develop the system to create the algorithm in the Uplift App and provide a comprehensive solution for every traveler to identify, locate, and activate the unique combination of Acupressure points.

May you use your Uplift App to overcome your Jet Lag as successfully as I do!

Dr. Charles T Krebs

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