Wellness Influencer Testimonial from Tuscany!

June 26,2018

Testimonial by Talk Show Host, Health Influencer, & Global Traveler: Mark Alyn


After a nine-hour international flight, going through customs in Spain, waiting three more hours to get into our hotel room and not sleeping on the flight, your mind feels like it’s spinning out of control. Jetlag has taken over.  But there is a solution that’s easy, natural and doesn’t require any drugs or supplements. 

A few minutes using Uplift brings you back to life! Your mind clears. You have energy to go-go-go.  I was skeptical when I got the app.  I had read the instructions before leaving LA and it looked easy.  Once in our hotel room we spent a few minutes using the detailed instructions using acupressure points and our minds cleared.  The mist of jetlag diminished and we could function.

The natural approach of Uplift suits our lifestyle of living clean.  My next trip is a short hop to the East Coast. Uplift will be helping me all the way. Uplift is a great travel necessity - not a travel accessory.


Mark Alyn, Host

Late Night Health